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Monitored Guards on all Sites
Monitored Guards on all Sites

5 Main Strategies To An Effective Security Service

• A thorough Security Evaluation of site to be Secured
• The Strict Vetting and Selection of Security Guards is Paramount
• Ongoing Training and Instruction to increase levels of Expertise
• Regular site visitations by a Probe Guard Commander
• Fast and Effective problem Solving

Residential, Corporate, Commercial and Industrial Security Guards


• Shopping Complexes and Malls
• Schools and Colleges
• Building and Construction sites
• Townhouse Complexes and Private Estates
• Retirement Villages
• Vehicle Dealerships
• Hotels and Churches
• Fuel Depots
• Transport and Plant Hire Companies
• Factories
• Event Security

• Static Guarding
• Patrolling Guards
• Undercover Guarding
• Access Control
• Dispatching and Receiving
• Retail and Commercial Guarding
• Armed Guards
• Special Event Guarding

• Highly Trained CPO Services
• Private and Commercial Property Services
• Domestic and International Services
• Professional and Discrete
• Executive Hostage Negotiations
• VIP Extractions

• Site Specific Surveys
• Risk Assessment
• National Key Points
• Site Opperations Procedures
• Security Property Protocols
• Threat Prevention
• Early Warning Systems Implementation

Investigation Services 

Private / Forensic Investigations
Criminal, Civil, Corporate, Domestic
& Cheating Spouse Cases
Social Media & Romance Scamming
Missing & Abducted Persons
Extortion Cases & Espionage
Murder, Rape, Theft, Assault, Fraud & Corruption Cases
Cellular Forensics Specialists
Cybercrime Specialists
Criminal Defense Investigations
Bugging & De-Bugging
Mobile GPS Tracker Sales & Services

Background, Criminal, Financial & Credit Checks
Asset Checks, Searches & Recovery
Vehicle Ownership & Circulation
Id & Qualification Verifications
Certificate & Document Retrieval
Handwriting, Signature and Document Analysis
Lie Detecting

Rica and Consumer Cellular Number Information
Cellular Handset Bugging & De-Bugging
Cellular Call Logs Applications (Section 205)
Data Recovery & What's app Retrieval

Protection & Harassment Orders
Eviction Orders
Criminal Record Expungement
Drawing up of Contracts and Wills
Lease & Purchase Agreement
Debt Agreement
Tracing of Bad Debtors
PSiRA Registration Assistance for Business & Individual
Road Accident Fund Applications


Security Control Rooms can be defined as a facility that houses an information security team responsible for Monitoring and Analysing an Organization’s Security posture on an on-going basis.

The Security team’s goal is to Detect, Analyse, and Respond to any and all Security Incidents or Threats, using a combination of Technology Solutions and a strong set of processes.

Control rooms are typically staffed with Security Analysts as well as Managers who oversee Security Operations.

The Security staff working within a Control Room work closely with Organizational Incident Response Teams as well as the Guarding Division to Ensure Security issues are addressed immediately upon discovery.

Control Room Operators Monitor and Analyse activity on Perimeters, Parking lots, Entrances, “weak spots” or areas which are easily breached, high-risk areas and more, looking for anomalous activity that could be indicative of a Security Incident or Compromise.

Our Guarding Division are also Monitored on Guard Patrol Clocking Systems and great Radio Communication.

The Control Room Operators are Responsible for Ensuring that Potential Security incidents are Correctly Identified, Analysed, Immediately Reported to Response Teams, further Analysed and further Reporting to “the powers that be” of where improvements can be made to avoid a similar situation arising.

What other benefits does a 24Hr Control Room offer those seeking around-the-clock security?

The key benefit of having a Security Control Room is the Improvement of Security, Incident Detection through continuous Monitoring, Analysis of Activity and Assisted mitigation of further incidents.

The 24/7 Monitoring provided by Security Control Rooms allow homes, businesses and more an advantage to defend against Incidents and Intrusions, Regardless of Source, Time of Day, or Attack type. The gap between attackers’ time to gain entry or commit a crime, and the Control Rooms time to detection is absolutely crucial. Having a 24Hr Security Control Room helps Individuals and Organizations close that gap and stay on top of the threats facing their environments.

Two Way Radio

Our Guards use the latest technology in Two Way Radios.
• Normal Communication Between Guards, Supervisors and Control Room. 
• You the Client can make a Direct Call from your Cellphone to the Guards by just Calling them.
• The Radio can be used for the Guard to Clock on or off Duty with their id cards.
• The Radio is a Clocking point unit, so you the Client can be more relaxed as the Guard Patrol.
• Panic and Tracking features as well as Access Control Device.
• Our Guards, Id Cards can be used when the Client visits the site. We will activate an app on your phone, so when you tap the card against you phone you can see the Guards Credentials. The Guards id photo, psira info etc will appear. There is also space where the client can comment about the Guard etc.

Hassle Free Sliding Security Gate
Hassle Free Sliding Security Gate
Nationwide Event Security Management Services
Nationwide Event Security Management Services